Thursday, October 08, 2009

Great Laughs big plans

Today was a entertaining day in the great old weights and measures world. I had a ton to get done in the office but the phone was ringing off the hook from the taxi cab drivers calling to get their meters tested and sealed prior to the Police check needed by tomorrow. Well the fun started right away as I rejected a 2 of the meters and the owners begged for the seal and that they would come back after the Police check with it calibrated. The problem is that the cab owners can't driver for a week without my seal. Well guess what they left empty handed and bummed as the rules are the rules and I am not bending them for anyone. But the best was the guy that ran out of gas and then drained his battery down to the point it was dead will out on the test course. He was a little pissed when I laughed at the situation. But to top it off his meter failed and he to left without it being sealed so he too has to wait a week to work. The Police check is only Thursday so SOL to them. What a way to come back after 3 days of sitting on my butt at the conference.

Nate is at drivers ed and Cece and the girls are at a Pampered Chef thingy so I have the house to myself and I am loving it. After getting Nate from drivers ed I'm stopping and getting a Torta from J C Kings Tortas. These things are so big that even the small one covers the entire plate. The big one is so big it is just to hard to describe, you just have to see it. I'm thinking the Eggs, Ham, Brick Cheese, American Cheese, and Mozrella Cheese with lettuce, tomato, avocado and mayo. All this is on a huge bun that tastes awesome.

The pool is draining and I hope to get it cleaned up and taken down over the weekend. Still have to try to fit in a cross race for Nate on Saturday and a WORS race on Sunday. I also plan on doing the RONSTA ride tomorrow. I think Nate is joining in too so that should be a fun ride. Time to head out and get The Boy. Later..

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