Tuesday, March 08, 2005

2's day

Just waiting for Russ to get here so we can do our spin workout in the basement. The kids took the day off yesterday because Nate didn't feel real good and needed the rest and Maddie said her legs were sore. So I figured that a day off was worth it for them.. I just cleaned my bikes and then went to the home and school meeting myself. I really needed the day off to I think as my legs and butt were sore also. Today was a easy day of work as I just picked up soft serve ice cream for the lab. I like the days that I pick up samples as it is just as easy as it gets. So after the workout it will be the 5 star meal of hot dogs and beans. I think I will do the crit workout as Russ got dropped in the race on Sunday and I think he needs to get the heart rate up and get past that for this Sundays race. Peace..

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