Friday, March 04, 2005


Nate, Maddie and I went to spin tonight and did a crit workout with the Hayes On Track team. It is a killer workout and a couple of the kid were really having a tough time. I hope that this will pay off for them come the parkside races and the WORS races. I have the Saturday ride tommorow so i think I will do a few hard efforts and then sit in to be fresh for the races on Sunday. If the weather is bad on Sunday we are going to the BMX track and Nate will race there. I'm looking forward to Sunday because it will be Maddie's first road race and I think she will do OK if she just rides and doesn't give up. I know that Nate is ready I think he will do really well and Nate can win the race if he rides smart. Myself I plan on doing the 30 plus and the 3's. This should be the test to how the training is going this year. Tired after bmx last night and spin tonight. Peace

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