Sunday, March 20, 2005


The weekend is all most over. I was so busy I can't believe it. The camp went well but Maddie didn't go she got sick and Cece took her to the doctor and she is on antibiotics. But Nate went and learned a lot about nutrition and good training skills for racing. The camp was a little hard for the kids as at the race today they were all slow from all the hard work. We went on a group ride with about 7 of us and it was nice but damp and cold. I was about 15 miles into the ride and I broke a pin in my chain and of course Russell had a chain tool with him and he got me back home. Russ then went back home and stopped at the shop and got me a new chain and cassette and put it on my bike. Nate is still a little sick and the cold air got to him. He did his best and was in the break but just rolled in and he just sat in and rolled in with them. It was cold so I took off with Nate and we went to the bmx track and Nate raced cruiser and took 5th. I didn't race and Ron just missed making his final and Ray won his age again. My Mom and Dad came and watched so that was cool and they were impressed at how well Nate is doing since the last time they seen him race. I'm kind of bummed that the bmx is done as it was getting to be a lot fun. We may go to Indiana as the season goes until the end of April. Now it is time to start getting ready for mountain bike and road season. Peace..


RonSta said...

You mentioned a Hayes blog this weekend, know what it is? I'll plug it.

Jay said...

I'll have to look it up at home and I'll get it to you.