Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Late updates

I'm finding it easier to update in the morning then try to get the kids to bed and do other things then get on the computer later. Russell came over and trained with me and again he said " I'm taking it easy as I did a hard spin class last night". The season is coming up fast and I think it's time to put in the extra work or suffer in the races. I think if you can give up in the early training that it's easier to quit in the races and that's not me. Russ is such a goof he brings these little Homies from the gum ball machines and I think the kids have about 50 of them and the kids line them up. They have them all from the houchie momma to the gang bangers. Today is a day for training with the kids then John is coming over and I know he will ride hard or I will get on his case about it. Maybe I will update tonight as the kids are going to Grandma's for the night as they are off off school for the next 11 days. Peace...

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