Thursday, March 31, 2005


I'm loving the weather as I think it will be riding outside riding for now on. I was thinking for awhile that I would be in the basement as it was raining for a little bit this afternoon but it cleared up just in time for me to ride after work. I'm riding pretty easy as I'm looking forward to riding harder this weekend to start pushing it a little to get ready for racing. Must recover to be able to push it harder and get faster. Tomorrow is our team St. Paddy day get together and every year someone gets totally drunk and acts like a fool, I know that it will not be me this year. I haven't been that person for a couple of years and last year it was John and Jack. Last year Jack rode his bmx bike to the party and he was so drunks he ran in to a tree in Steve's front yard and feel over. He had to get a ride home and he lives only 5 blocks from Steve's house. But I will have a few shots of cheap Irish whiskey and a couple of beers so I will still be able to ride on sat and Sun. Peace..


RonSta said...

Doing Drop the doc at all? Should be enough "filler" to sit in with and ride off the hang-over, lol.

Jay said...

I'll have to see I'm thinking that I'll do the doc ride for sure next week.