Friday, March 25, 2005


Well we went to Lenny's for a ride. I tought a couple of more would have come for the ride. As it turned out it was just Len, John, Samantha and myself. I was a good steady ride which we got a 35 miler in. It was very windy and cold. We kept it easy and averaged about 18.5 so it was perfect and didn't beat us up. Plus we are planning a60 plus mile ride tommorow at 10am from Hales Corners Wheel and sprocket. When I got home I dropped off the Hayes brakes that Len gave me for Maddie's bike aat the shop and Russell said he would get to it after work. I then went by my Dad's house and did a brake job on his truck. I'm glad it was easier then his other truck I did in the fall. I also got the car washed and waxed so bonus. I got a call from Russ and Maddie's bike was done so Maddie and I went and picked it up and she was so happy to see it and she said she can't wait to race. She also said she wants to race bmx next yeart so that should be cool. Eating dinner at my parents as my brother is in town so that's cool. Have to go and eat. Peace..

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