Saturday, March 26, 2005


Finished Maddies bike this morning by putting the tires on It looks really good and way better then most riders will ever get and she is pnly 9 years old. Went for a 70 mile ride today and it was ok but there were some real bone heads on the ride who couldn't ride worth a damm. It may be time to go and do the drop the doc ride. Got home and washed and waxed the Excursion and that is a big monster to do and it really needed it. Ate some pizza and ready to watch the Incredibles with the kids and eat some popcorn. Have to go to my parents for brunch and then go to Racine adn eat dinner ate Cece's mothers house. May ride to Racine have to see if I'm pushing my luck with the riding yet. Have a good Easter. Peace..

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