Thursday, March 17, 2005


When is the snow going to end? Well took the day off the bike any how. I think I'm going to race at the bmx track tommorow anyhow. The kids and I went to the Disney store and got The Incredibles dvd. Cece and the kids don't have school tommorow so they are planing on watching it. We also got Nate a new pair of skate shoes and he is wearing them and keeps staring at them every other minute it's kind of funny. He looked at the shoes more then his dinner plate, I had to keep telling him to eat. We went to the Japanica last night and drank a few beers from Japan and ate sushi. I have to say that it is not that bad but as a few of the friends that have been going weekly for it I will not be doing that. I had what they called a packer roll and it was tasty but I could not tell you what it was other then raw tuna, rice and avacado. Then Russell ordered me up a few seperate pieces of sushi, one had shrimp, another had lobster, another had tuna, and the last was eel. I didn't like the eel and would not order that again. The best I have to say was that Russell ordered for Cooper and he ordered all the things that you would not eat. Example fish eggs, octopus, eel, squid I mean so may I can't even remember. But Copp ate it all and said that it was OK. I could not have done that. Well tommorow a work meeting in the morning and then I have to give a motivation talk to my dad's college class, he say's the student are lazy and he wants me to try to talk to them. I hope that I can can help and get the kids to work harder. Got to go and get the kids to bed and fold more clothes. Peace...

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