Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Easy day

For Monday it was a nice day as when the sun is out it is always nice. I had lunch with some friends at Botana's and the food was pretty good. I trained with the kids today and had them ride easy spin for 45 minutes. I was funny all they did was talk but they did keep thier legs spinning for the entire time. I did steady increases and I felt good as I should have because I didn't race or do anything on Sunday. Now it is time to train and get ready for the race season. Hope to get the 75 mile ride in on Friday as that is the staple ride for good Friday, and then another 60 on Saturday. Then I will try to ride to Cece's mothers house on Easter and that will give me 30 miles. I have to get ready as the Bone ride will come up fast that's the ride from Milwaukee to Madison have lunch and ride back. That is a 160 mile day. Have to get to work. Peace...

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