Sunday, March 13, 2005


No riding yesterday, just went to the shop and put a bottom bracket and cranks in Maddies bike. We went to a friends new house for a house warming. Then Jerry, Barb and Macinize came up and we went out for some pizza and wine. Alot of running to do in one day, but I needed the day off the bike. We went to bmx track adn raced as it was 18 degrees out side and no way I was going to let the kids race or myself race in that cold. Nate is really doing good as he is jumping everything now. He has the other kids worried that it won't be long an dhe will be beating them. He made the final in the cruiser open and took 4th place. I decided to race once I got there and Dan was there and said he was going to race. I made the final also in cruiser and took 6th place. I was happy making the final as it was the first for me. Going to sit and watch OLN and the rest of the Paris Nice and the rest of the car race. Peace..

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