Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Spending hard earned $

Last night the dryer died so there goes some money that I picture could have bought a nice set of wheels or new parts for a bike. So after John gets here and we train a quick shower and off to picking up a new dryer. I picked up the kids and they asked how long do get to ride I said easy day 30 minutes they said good as Maddie said when she was running at school her legs were sore. She said that the soreness was a good soreness and she liked it, so she must like the racing and training.Last night with Russ over training he just rode the trainer adn did a few hard jumps but now I see that he is behind in his trainig and that may be the reason he got dropped on Sunday. My legs are feeling ok and trained hard while Russ did his thing. Going to do a easier workout tonight as I have bmx practice tommorow and that is just a sprint repeat all night and I want to be fresh for that. Got to go John should be here in a few minutes. peace...

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