Monday, March 14, 2005

Fried food

For work today I went to the Wisconsin restaurant Association food show. I ate more fried food in 2 hours then a person should eat in a month. I'm glad that it is only once a year thing. The show is pretty cool and you get a lot of cool pens and other junk that the kids like. I picked up the kids and they wanted to do the sprint workout today so I set up Nate and myself on the rollers and Maddie and Jordan on the trainers. I had to keep telling Maddie and Jordan to keep pedaling but we made it through the workout. I needed the workout to work off the fried food from this afternoon and I feel better now and I will eat something more healthy for dinner. I will have to go and see what we have as Cece has teacher conferences tonight with her students parents so it's dinner for just us and and the kids. Have to get to the dinner s the kids are looking for snacks. Peace.....

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RonSta said...

Dude, i didn't know you had a blog! I'll put a link to it on mine later. Mmmmm, fried food.