Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I got a call in the morning to work the health booth at the food show so guess what. I said yes and got all the fried food I wanted again for lunch. I ate way to much again and had to do a hard work out to make myself feel ok that I ate the fried food. Russ and John came over and we did the Crit workout and now are getting ready to go out and eat Sushi. Nate, Maddie and Jordan did their work out and did the time trial work out. I have to say that Nate really takes his training serious and works hard for a 10 year old. I guess his hard work shows when he is racing and winning his age group races every week. I really enjoy training the kids as they really pick up the racing and skills fast. Have to go as the bus is leaving to the Sushi Bar. I'll let you know how it is. Peace..

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RonSta said...

Fried food at the "health" booth?