Monday, March 28, 2005


Well what a nice day today. I have to say that it is easy to get ready and ride when it's nice outside. I took off for a ride after work but it still get's dark fast so with the time I have it is a short 25 to 30 mile ride yet. It will get longer as the day's get longer but for now it's as much as the sun will let me do. I felt ok but the legs were heavy yet from the ride on Saturday so it was small ring all the way. Today Nate and Jessica went upnorth for the week with my parents so it's Cece, Maddie and myself. It is nice to not have any kids fighting or yelling at each other all day. Nate is taking the week off from training as he has raced every weekend from the end of October until this weekend so he needs a week off the bike then he will be fresh for the WORS races. He did want to take a bike and rollers upnorth but I said let's just take the week off and play upnorth and not worry about the bike for awhile. I'm glad he is asking and I'm not having to push it on him. Tommorow Maddie and I are having gum graft's and Maddie is having 2 teeth pulled so I will have to see how I feel and maybe it will be a day off the bike. Well have to get some things done so later.

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