Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Got the kids from after school program and got home and tried to get on the rollers but I got to doing other things and it took awhile. I got going and couldn't get into the workout so I did my easiest workout. I did a hill climbing work out. When finally finished I made dinner for us and get the kids showered and just got to sit down and relax. Cece has parent teacher meetings again tonight so she won't be home until the kids are in bed. I'm thinking that I going to race on Friday at the bmx track as the season is over this weekend. I 'm still thinking that I will race the last Parkside race if the weather is nice on Sunday. I can race the Master 30 plus and the cat 3's. Have to get the kids ready for bed although they are all quite and watching Big Daddy, so I will let stay up and watch the rest of it. Time to fold clothes now. Peace...

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