Sunday, March 06, 2005


Well the racing on the road started today. Nate took 2nd and Maddie took 3rd. Super proud of both of them. I was worried that Maddie might not fair to well as it was her first road ride on her new bike and never racing a crit I tought she might not finish but she did. As for Nate he took off after the first lap and one guy gets a free ride and when Nate dies he drops Nate, he learned a lesson today as he is the fastest sprinter and today he took 2nd for that move. But still he is a better rider for trying and thinking on his own during his races and I will never fault him for that. Myself I did what I expected, I finished in the front half of the field at the end. The weather was so great it was hard not want to race all day but the legs were cooked after 50 plus miles at 25mph average. These were harder then I expected but not on any training ride that we pushed hard on made the speed hard at times. But just sitting in it was o problem to finish. The weather is supposed to be cold and bad next week so we may be at the bmx track and letting Nate fly over the jumps and manual in the bumps. We will see adn decide at the last moment. Have to go and lay on the heating pad as the back is tight after today. Peace..

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