Saturday, March 05, 2005


We did the group ride today and of course a guy shows up to a gun fight (Road ride) with a knife (Mtb bike). The dude is off the back by the time we are 7 miles for the parking lot. We slowed down, tried pushing him I mean we tried everything. About 5 miles later he comes and tells us he knows his way home and leaves the ride. Hate to say but riding along at 17 to 18mph pushing some dude is not fun. The ride picks up and going along good and then I get a flat. But with Russell's help less then 2 minutes later we are going again. The ride finishes and I think I'm ready to race at Parkside or at least I will finish with the pack. I got home and then cleaned up and went down to Racine to a party for Tiff as she just got back from flying her helicopter for the last one and a half years. Glad to see she made it home and now we are praying for her husband to get home as he is still flying over there yet. It was great to get together and talk about the days when she raced (jr. national champ) and how much fun that was. But now she has to play Army so she has no time to ride. She is living in Hawaii and she is going to try to ride again. Well got to get to bed and get ready for the races as I have to get Maddie my 9 year old girl and Nate my 10 year old ready to race also. Will let you know how it goes tommorow. Peace out...

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